We make beautiful rollators that prevent falling accidents 

The Lanefyld rollator

The Lanefyld rollator prevents rollator related accidents. With our product we enable nursing homes to provide better quality of care for their residents and reduce healthcare costs. 

Lanefyld wants to become the “Tesla” of the rollator market. 50% of all people using a rollator are doing so incorrectly which causes lots of accidents. These accidents can have a significant impact on a person’s life as they can become isolated, are unable to live at home or sometimes even pass away. 

In order to solve this problem, we utilize smart technology to assess if an accident is about to happen, just like Tesla. In case of a dangerous situation, the system automatically activates the electric brakes in order to stop the accident from happening. We combine our technology with a beautiful design because we believe that functionality and aesthetics should always go hand in hand.


No more rollator related falling accidents


Contribute to healthy and mobile ageing by developing an innovative rollator


Our passion

We are 27 years old have a passion for rollators.

This shared passion is the reason why we met. Thijs, an industrial designer, saw that there was a big need in the market for prettier rollators. This is why he started a company to develop a design rollator. During this process, he read an article about a rollator Yff had designed during his Industrial Design thesis. 

Yff also had started a company out of this idea and he focused on designing a rollator that would prevent accidents. After keeping in touch for a year, Thijs and Yff decided to combine forces and use each other’s strengths: design and tech. This resulted in a new company named Lanefyld.


Our passion

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When you can reach us:

Yff Verstraeten


Orthopaedic Engineer & Industrial designer 
Technical University of Eindhoven.
Specialized in health-tech & orthopaedic design

Thijs Veldhuis


Industrial Designer
Hanze University of Applied Sciences.
Experienced in sales & leadership

Jeroen van Bommel 

Co-owner & advisor

Business Economy and Accounting & Finance TIAS. Jeroen specializes in financial management.